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DSMS Institute of Nursing is established as a “Center of Excellence” for nursing education at the international & National level through quality approach, professional development and research. This Nursing Institute wants to strive to provide the best nursing education that combines the development of cognitive, affective as well as psychomotor domains of learning by adapting to recent technological advances.

The mission of DSMS Institute of Nursing is to develop excellent nurses who are –

Clinical Scholars who seek truth and are dedicated to a spirit of inquiry to advance the science of nursing, and evaluating evidence that leads to better nursing and health care outcomes;

Leaders who are committed to excellence, understand the process of change and outcome improvement, and are able to build human capacity and strength to promote innovative approaches that transform practice;

Clinicians who have safe and accurate clinical judgment; who are grounded in professional values and ethics, and who engage in and inspire service to holistically and compassionately improve nursing and health careoutcomes.



The mission of the Dsms institute of nursing is crystal clear. They aim to provide the healthcare system of our country with clinical scholars. They are dedicated to providing top-quality education to students who want to become future nursing specialists. And they aim to develop students not just academically but also inculcate leadership skills in them so that they are committed to excellence and understand the overall process well enough to make improvements.

And doing this, they want to be recognized as a trendsetter in the institute list where they can compete with some of the best nursing special institutes of the country.


The dynamic syllabus is reviewed biannually by board of studies and ratified by Indian Nursing Council. the curriculum has followed the Revised Indian Nursing Syllabus, which has the latest inputs. This ensures that students get a balance of sessions and activities that include social work for all-round development. The hospital gives hands on training while regular field visits keep students on their feet. The undergraduate program provides an understanding of the health sciences with a strong foundation in the basic sciences.


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